WellBeing First Champions


In 2022, the state medical boards were identified, in collaboration with Participant and the American Medical Association as part of the film The First Wave’s impact campaign, based on data that was independently obtained. In 2023, through participation in our WellBeing First Champion Challenge, applications by state medical boards and hospitals/health systems were submitted and reviewed in collaboration with the American Medical Association.

The applications reviewed were for allopathic: Initial and Renewal applications, and Peer Reference forms, for licensing and credentialing.

State medical boards are acknowledged as being WellBeing First Champions (purple) if they utilize application language consistent with one of the three criteria options:

OPTION 1: Ask one question consistent with the Federation of State Medical Board’s Recommended Language that addresses all mental and physical health conditions as one, with no added explanations, asterisks, or fine print:

“Are you currently suffering from any condition for which you are not being appropriately treated that impairs your judgment or that would otherwise adversely affect your ability to practice medicine in a competent, ethical, and professional manner? (Yes/No)”

OPTION 2: Refrain from asking probing questions about an applicant’s health altogether.

OPTION 3: Implement an Attestation Model, like that used in North Carolina and Mississippi. This uses supportive language around mental health from the Board and holds physicians accountable to their well-being, making it clear that their self-care is patient care.

Offer “safe haven” non-reporting options to physicians who are under treatment and in good standing with a recognized physician health program (PHP) or other appropriate care provider.

Medical licensure boards that are in process of updating their applications are shown in teal and medical licensure boards with applications not consistent with the above criteria or were not accessible are shown in beige. At this time, hospitals/health systems are acknowledged as being WellBeing First Champions through a listing.

We know that many licensure boards and hospitals/health systems are steadily working to make these changes and we look forward to celebrating implementation at that time.

Medical boards that wish to submit updated licensure applications should email ALLIn@drbreenheroes.org.

We also urge all medical boards to make applications publicly available on their website.