The Medical Student Coalition (MSC) is a working group within the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation that was created by medical students, for medical students. Our mission is to advocate for well-being in medical school by raising awareness of issues related to burnout and mental health care, providing education surrounding these issues, and advancing solutions for change. We believe addressing the needs of our youngest trainees is critical to creating a culture of well-being and career satisfaction in the medical field. Our ongoing initiatives include engaging with partner organizations for National Physician Suicide Awareness Day (NPSA) Day, assessing medical school orientation curricula, and amplifying medical student narratives and information about mental health care legislation on social media. We’re always eager to explore new ideas and foster collaborations that will enrich our mission.

The MSC was established in 2023 with representatives from medical schools across the state of Virginia and we have plans to expand to medical schools across the country. Please complete this form if you are interested in starting a chapter or getting more involved! We’d also love to hear from you at

Video: The Medical Student Coalition (MSC) Launch Event

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