If you or your organization have an example of how it works, when it works, we’d love for you to share what you’ve learned. Please submit the following form, and we will review your case study for inclusion in the library of case studies available on Symphony, our platform for sharing Professional Well-Being best practices. If your project or program has been published in a journal or given as a poster, please include the reference below.


Please share a sentence or two about your setting, including patient demographic served, size of hospital (in beds), and state. (Example, this initiative occurred in St. Elsewhere Health, a 250-bed hospital serving patients from a rural catchment area in Northern Michigan)
Please describe the initiative or program, including the target population, planning and implementation
What measures are used to define impact or success.
What has your initial experience been with the program. Did your measures show the expected or desired impact?
What did you and your organization learn from this initiative? What worked well? What surprised you? What would you do differently if you started over again?
If your case study has been published in a journal or conference presentation, please reference the publication here.